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GreenFit SolutionsThe GreenFit Solutions Installation Service

Our core service is the installation of commercial and domestic water solutions delivered by our nationwide team of technically trained engineers who install over 100,000 products a year and growing.

What work can our GreenFit Solutions team carry out?

The heart of our expertise lies in the installation of commercial and domestic water solutions. So whether you are a manufacturer or distributor of products that filter, soften, heat or cool water, or a facilities management company, local authority, cleaning company, high street chain, catering firm or homeowner looking to have a product installed – we are the experts to turn to. Our skilled engineers are comfortable working in any location be that in commercial or domestic properties, and are used to working in complex sites.

Our GreenFit Solutions team are fast, flexible and are experts in installing commercial and domestic water solutions. We install a wide range of products including:

  • Aqueous ozone chemical free cleaning products
  • Water filtration products and systems
  • Water softeners
  • Luxury water dispensers
  • Water heating
  • Water safety
  • General plumbing installation

Should you have a product that you are looking to be installed that is not on this list, please do not be put off. We pride ourselves on being able to respond to a challenge.

Why use GreenFit Solutions for your products installation?

Safe ContractorAll of our installation engineers are highly qualified, personable and professional. We only install products when our team have in-depth knowledge of its intricacies. Our engineers work in everything from private homes, to large companies, educational establishments, local authorities and even secure environments like the Ministry of Defence.

We regularly survey our clients and our clients’ clients to ensure that we match up to our own very exacting standards of customer service.

Our engineers operate nationwide and carry out work from 6am-6pm, Monday to Saturday and are contactable 24 hours a day in the event of an emergency. There are no call out charges and our service level agreement promises we will have an engineer on site with you within 48 hours of you making initial contact.

We place a great emphasis on our green credentials from planning the most efficient routes, recycling waste materials and taking into consideration the environment and planet in everything we do.

What is our approach to delivering customer satisfaction?

We deliver high levels of customer satisfaction that are based on a number of key elements:

  • Installations will be scheduled and completed, based on our Service Level Agreements
  • A pre and post installation call is made from our call centre
  • We conduct random audits within 24 hours of installation
  • All work is planned & scheduled
  • All work is signed off on site
  • Reports are produced to monitor and manage workflows
  • All work is managed via Green World Innovations purpose built IT system

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